I am an artist, curator, and freelance writer.

I specialise in Light Art and use installation, photography, glass and film to capture light’s essence. 

My work addresses themes of transience, the nature of happiness and hope. It is also seasonal as lighting levels affect what I can produce and also where I take inspiration from – sunlight in the summer, vivid artificial light in winter.

I am keen to collaborate with engineers and architects to continue to create work for architectural spaces.

This blog is primarily to track my artistic work and research rather than my published written work. I am open to suggestions for group work, exhibitions, commissions, freelance writing etc. Please leave feedback on the blog or contact me via my website contact form.

Visit my website http://elisaartesero.com

Follow me on Twitter @ElisaArtesero

Please note that all images on this blog are my copyright (unless credited otherwise) and should not be adapted or reproduced without my permission – many thanks!

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