Fieldtrip Mushrooms

March 3, 2012

This is a video exploring a light sculpture I made recently. I then edited it to Boxcutter’s tune ‘Fieldtrip’.


Luminous Man Film

January 6, 2012

A while ago I posted about my luminous man which I showed as part of my final exhibition last year. I was going to work on music for the currently silent film over the summer, but a large project took up most of my time so I didn’t get to do this. I am not a musician so it’s unlikely I’ll make something completely appropriate for his creepy morphing dance; so if you make music and feel you’d like to submit some for the film then I’d love to hear it! My personal tastes tend to lean towards electronic music of the Venetian Snares/Four Tet/Aphex Twin variety, however I’m open to different styles as you never know what will fit best in the end. So please do get in touch, post links to YouTube/Soundcloud pages etc.


Here’s the video I directed for Hologram Heart Parade‘s new single ‘Dirty Heart‘. The lead singer, Pauline Johnston, saw my work and asked if I wanted to make a video to give an unusual visual to the song as an alternative to a typical pop video. I used some of my Creeping Light film work as the backdrop to the video with Pauline as a central, almost sculptural piece, moving slowly as she sings. Pauline performed brilliantly in keeping her movements slow and deliberate, she has a strong on-screen presence which meant that the edit could be kept simple and understated, the the focus and interest kept on the Creeping Light and Pauline.