Light Painting

January 13, 2012

Light painting

Here’s a still from the light paintings I’ve been working on recently. The results are to be viewed in film format as I manipulate light to create colours, shape and movement. This form of ‘painting’ is influenced by Brian Eno’s ‘Video Paintings‘, where he filmed images and presented them as slow moving paintings to be watched vertically as well as horizontally so as to detract from the typical TV viewing experience and expectations, and to be viewed as an art piece.

You can watch one of my monochrome Light Paintings here:


Luminous Man Film

January 6, 2012

A while ago I posted about my luminous man which I showed as part of my final exhibition last year. I was going to work on music for the currently silent film over the summer, but a large project took up most of my time so I didn’t get to do this. I am not a musician so it’s unlikely I’ll make something completely appropriate for his creepy morphing dance; so if you make music and feel you’d like to submit some for the film then I’d love to hear it! My personal tastes tend to lean towards electronic music of the Venetian Snares/Four Tet/Aphex Twin variety, however I’m open to different styles as you never know what will fit best in the end. So please do get in touch, post links to YouTube/Soundcloud pages etc.


A Light Transformation

June 12, 2011

I was in Barcelona recently, but unfortunately I was in bed ill for the majority of the time. Not one to be too downbeat about things I tried to make the best of it. The apartment was in a very central location with a balcony looking over Carrer de Ferran, which when I was feeling a little better provided a good spot to sit and people watch. During the time when I was stuck to the bed however, I was listening to the loud street noise below and staring up at the ceiling and noticed this beautiful light show above me, strange ghostly shadows and light creatures were snaking across the ceiling. At first I lay there and watched in wonderment at this show before I realised that it was the bikes, people and cars moving around the street below reflected in the sunlight onto the ceiling. I really enjoyed this transformation from people going about their business below into a light show that gave me the essence of the Barcelona streets that I would never have noticed or felt had I been down there myself.

It’s the end of the year show for first year Interactive Arts students from 9th – 13th May. I have put up prints of some of my Creeping Light and City Lights prints and a silent film of my Luminous Man.

For fuller details and more pictures of the exhibition as a whole, go to the Link Gallery blog.