I will be exhibiting a piece of light art  as part of the Haecceity Project at Nouvel Organon Gallery, Paris 13th-16th July 2012. I’m really excited to be part of this project, which has already had international press coverage as far as Mexico in newspaper, Excelsior. The exhibition features work from a range of international artists, under the theme of ‘the visual image and literature’. Not only this, but over the weekend there will be live music and drinks, with other activities being planned as I write. So, if you’re in Paris next weekend, please do come along! Go to the Haecceity Project website for more details.


I exhibited ‘Happiness I’ at the HIDE exhibition at Piccadilly Place in Manchester 1st-6th June 2012. Hidden for most of the time it’s meaning came out only once in the sunlight but, alas, was not caught on camera.

Almost hidden, view from outside

Reflections in buildings and a few abstractions of urban Manchester that I took earlier this year.

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Still from ‘Dirty Heart’

The Hologram Heart Parade video I made for their single ‘Dirty Heart’ has been included in the 90-minute documentary on the new Manchester music scene ‘Manchester: Beyond Oasis’. Directed by Brett Gregory and produced by Serious Feather the documentary can be viewed in full here.