I recently exhibited my Light Paintings and a Light Sculpture at the ‘Threads’ exhibition with Roger Bygott and Hannah Leighton-Boyce at the Link Gallery.

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I used electrical tape to frame my Light Painting projections, this was necessary to create a defined area for these works as they work with light and shade, so the shaded parts would have been lost without the frame.

I made my sculpture in response to the unusual shape of the gallery. I used white thread to reshape the space in a mix of sharp angular shapes, some covered with paper as platforms for the bright slowly moving projections to bring the sculpture to life. The light from the projections catches on the strings, illuminating them and giving a sense of movement. The shadows cast from the sculpture also moves across the back wall as the light and dark areas of the projection slowly shift across the space.

Here is an extract from the installation view of my Light Sculpture:

Light Painting

January 13, 2012

Light painting

Here’s a still from the light paintings I’ve been working on recently. The results are to be viewed in film format as I manipulate light to create colours, shape and movement. This form of ‘painting’ is influenced by Brian Eno’s ‘Video Paintings‘, where he filmed images and presented them as slow moving paintings to be watched vertically as well as horizontally so as to detract from the typical TV viewing experience and expectations, and to be viewed as an art piece.

You can watch one of my monochrome Light Paintings here:


Luminous Man Film

January 6, 2012

A while ago I posted about my luminous man which I showed as part of my final exhibition last year. I was going to work on music for the currently silent film over the summer, but a large project took up most of my time so I didn’t get to do this. I am not a musician so it’s unlikely I’ll make something completely appropriate for his creepy morphing dance; so if you make music and feel you’d like to submit some for the film then I’d love to hear it! My personal tastes tend to lean towards electronic music of the Venetian Snares/Four Tet/Aphex Twin variety, however I’m open to different styles as you never know what will fit best in the end. So please do get in touch, post links to YouTube/Soundcloud pages etc.


Natural Light

January 6, 2012

I went for a walk in the parks and woodland around Didsbury, Manchester on a sunny winter day to see what I could capture, here are the results.

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January 5, 2012

S-Space was an 8-week group project based on the theme ‘Success’, with the question ‘Can success exist without recognition?’ as our focal point. We started the project with a gallery opening with no work on the walls, a logical, albeit slightly ridiculous, conclusion to the question as we decided to recognise our success before we had even had it, therefore taking the pressure of recognition off us. We did wonder how the opening would be received, and to our surprise it elicited an interesting response from those who attended. Many came for the free wine and wandered off quickly as there was nothing on the walls to keep them there. Even if someone is attending an opening for the free wine it is usually customary and basic courtesy to at least scan the work on show, but here intentions were shown clearly. More people than expected did stay to debate the question of success and recognition however, for which we have recorded some of the conversations and put them on our dedicated S-Space blog.

The opening marked the start of a week’s worth of social experiments within the gallery and gathering of data along the way. All of these are documented on the blog, but my particular favourite was the wall of post-its which people gave their answer to the question ‘How do you recognise success?’ I then created a poem using a cut up technique of the words from the answers on the poster to condense the meaning of the answers given:

With a heart stopping view from a mountain top

I am smiling.


A sigh of relief, I’m at one.


Money, love, a warm glow.

Producing something worthwhile

With friends and family


Happiness. Happiness. Happiness.


When I feel good 24/7

Have self pride and a pony.

When I don’t fail

And don’t listen to anyone else.


Working towards a soul

I can achieve.




Learned through failure.

Not regretting



After our week of experimentation we decided on a concept piece which would reflect the dichotomy between outer success (the media, monetary) and the inner glow of success experienced within home life for example. We built two large cubes, one within the other and covered both with soluble fabric which we would dissolve in a performance at the end of the exhibition to show the fragility of success. The cube could be entered into by visitors, projected onto the outside were two videos, one using found footage and collage to address the media view of success, and the other a stop motion to show the visual transformation from an individual into the homogeneous Western view of an attractive woman (skinny, blonde hair, big breasts, pink lipstick etc).

In the cavity between the larger cube and smaller internal cube we placed red strip lights to create an inner glow which visitors would experience upon entering the piece. This diffused the projections from outside to focus on the inner glow like a protection from outside influences. I had done some research on the colour of success (psychologically) with few meaningful results. Most data suggested a deep red to signify success (used in ribbons for winning for example) and some research suggested that football teams that wore red shirts tended to win more tournaments, that somehow the colour could get them into a winning state of mind. Colour therapy research didn’t specify a colour for success per se, but a deep red did come up in associated feelings. The only areas which specifically offered colours for success (deep red) were the slightly dubious (scientifically) areas of crystal therapy, horoscopes and colour symbolism. So, the results were frustrating, but perhaps they were always going to be – as we found from our research, success is a fairly nebulous concept which is recognised by people in different ways.

The final dissolve of the cube was recorded as a performance piece, two of us walked around and squirted the soluble fabric with water which slowly degraded and destroyed the barrier between the inner glow and outer influences of the projections.

Follow the full progress of S-Space on the blog.

The others involved in the project are: Darren Murphy, Amy Lawrence, Margaux Illescas, Miriam Cabeza