I just found this really interesting short programme about the artist and gallery relationship by Artquest. It runs through what an artist starting out should consider when looking for a gallery to represent them, as well as the type of terms and conditions that should be laid down in the agreed contract. Art lawyer, Henry Lydiate points out “There is a real misunderstanding amongst artists that the commission on sales from a gallery should be 50%,” he goes on to detail that only the really top galleries demand this sort of commission so artists should not go in with this assumption when sitting down to do a deal. I found this particularly interesting as I have heard the 50% as standard rule from many different sources, so it is particularly useful to know that it is not the hard and fast rule.

If anyone has any comments on this programme/issue then please feel free to write them in the comments box below. I’m also particularly interested to hear from artists who have some experience of dealing with galleries who would be happy to share their experiences and knowledge.

Saturday 2nd July is the preview of an exhibition with work from some artists in the recently formed Miscellaneous Network. Misc.1 at the Mooch Gallery at Blyth Art Store in Manchester is part of the Manchester Art Crawl and Not Part Of Festival. The exhibition is split into two weeks in order to showcase more artists in the Network; I will be exhibiting in the first week (2nd- 9th July) with Darren Murphy and Tinkeke Van Boven, and the second week (10th- 16th July) will showcase work from Amy Lawrence and James Hasker. Expect an eclectic mix of work from the conceptual to the graphic, drawn and photographic. I will present some of my Wire in the Glass series, lovingly framed to make the best of the work.

Here’s the video I directed for Hologram Heart Parade‘s new single ‘Dirty Heart‘. The lead singer, Pauline Johnston, saw my work and asked if I wanted to make a video to give an unusual visual to the song as an alternative to a typical pop video. I used some of my Creeping Light film work as the backdrop to the video with Pauline as a central, almost sculptural piece, moving slowly as she sings. Pauline performed brilliantly in keeping her movements slow and deliberate, she has a strong on-screen presence which meant that the edit could be kept simple and understated, the the focus and interest kept on the Creeping Light and Pauline.

A Light Transformation

June 12, 2011

I was in Barcelona recently, but unfortunately I was in bed ill for the majority of the time. Not one to be too downbeat about things I tried to make the best of it. The apartment was in a very central location with a balcony looking over Carrer de Ferran, which when I was feeling a little better provided a good spot to sit and people watch. During the time when I was stuck to the bed however, I was listening to the loud street noise below and staring up at the ceiling and noticed this beautiful light show above me, strange ghostly shadows and light creatures were snaking across the ceiling. At first I lay there and watched in wonderment at this show before I realised that it was the bikes, people and cars moving around the street below reflected in the sunlight onto the ceiling. I really enjoyed this transformation from people going about their business below into a light show that gave me the essence of the Barcelona streets that I would never have noticed or felt had I been down there myself.