Return to Light

October 14, 2010

This is the start. Or what appears to be the real start of the course. This week we were given an inspired talk on the Austrian philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein and the Glossop Project, which will be inspired by his thinking. More on this closer to the spring; let’s just say we’ll be ‘flying’ the mind… 

The second project that I have signed up to is the Mary Greg Project, which will focus on coming up with ideas for a special exhibition at Platt Hall which holds the majority of Mary’s weird and wonderful collections of things. Next week I’ll visit Platt Hall to get a fuller measure of the woman and her collection so will write more on this then. For the meantime, go to the Mary Mary Quite Contrary website for more information.

The third project is a personal project on whatever I wish to do. I only started brainstorming yesterday so my ideas are still fairly scattered. I’ve decided to start from light, or rather, return to light as a lot of the work I did on Foundation used light. So far I’ve been brainstorming ideas regarding the projection of light and its qualities through glass or other materials. I’ve been reading up on artists that use light, such as Dan Flavin, Robert Irwin and James Turrell, amongst others.

James Turrell is opening a new exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in London. It includes a perceptual cell called ‘Bindu Shards’ which you need to reserve a place for a light-incited experience of what has been described as ‘weightless imagery’. This sounds like incredibly exciting and inspirational work that I’d love to go and see. Such a shame I’m in Manchester!

James Turrell's 'The Light Inside' by Flickr User eschipul


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