And then the snow came

July 6, 2010

Over the very snowy period in January 2010 I decided to try to take advantage of the opportunity of having mounds of material to sculpt as I wished. I live in flats with shared gardens that face the street so I thought I’d experiment with making some work that could be seen and commented on by passers-by.

I decided to carry on with my art school table theme (I’d been trying to recreate the surface effect in many different ways by this point already) and make the table out of snow. This took rather a lot of time and luckily a neighbour took pity on me and lent me a shovel to get the huge mound of snow in place a little easier than my rather silly idea that I could move it all by hand/foot.

Once sculpted and smoothed flat on the surface I started to paint it in the aesthetic of the art school table’s surface. This worked out better than I thought and I was really pleased with what I’d achieved. As I was painting I had many people walking by and popping over to have a look and a chat about what I was up to. It bemused some people and delighted others, particularly children. In the evening I could see people going up to the sculpture to have a look; quite a few took photos which was nice to see.

Over the next few days I tracked the changes in the table by writing a diary and taking photos as it froze over then finally melted. I also added to the table with frozen paint icicles I made in different shapes to make it a little more 3D. It was amazing to see this piece of work change each day as a result of the weather; crystals formed to make it sparkle in the sun and when it started to melt the colours bled into each other to make a completely different piece. I enjoyed speaking to people about it and seeing more and more people pass by and take pictures each day.  

The addition of coloured icicles:

The melting snow table:

I like that this piece did not exist permanently, but changed and finally disappeared, it’s only documentation now in pictures and my diary. These are just a few pictures to illustrate the piece of course, there is a lot more in the final book I produced and exhibited at the Link Gallery in Manchester.

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