The obsession begins…

July 5, 2010

Now to the focus of most of my Foundation year – my art school table. It started innocently enough; I was testing out what I could do with magazine pictures, replacing clothes in the pictures with the table surface. This made for some funky clothes, but more importantly made me notice the beauty within the random splatters of paint.  This led to an academic year of experimentation using different media with the table as the inspiration.

 My table

I spent a lot of time scrutinising the marks on the table, recreating them in different forms and generally musing over this table. I started to think about it as a living thing, imagining what would happen if it were to come alive. I then made two short stop motion animations, one of the table splatters growing and forming into creatures and another of two men trapped inside the table.

Here’s a still from ‘The table and the little funny men’

The table and the little funny men film still


Here’s a still from ‘The table grows’

The table grows film still


These animations were just the start and a precursor to the development of my final piece of the year at the Foundation show.

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