Now to the focus of most of my Foundation year – my art school table. It started innocently enough; I was testing out what I could do with magazine pictures, replacing clothes in the pictures with the table surface. This made for some funky clothes, but more importantly made me notice the beauty within the random splatters of paint.  This led to an academic year of experimentation using different media with the table as the inspiration.

 My table

I spent a lot of time scrutinising the marks on the table, recreating them in different forms and generally musing over this table. I started to think about it as a living thing, imagining what would happen if it were to come alive. I then made two short stop motion animations, one of the table splatters growing and forming into creatures and another of two men trapped inside the table.

Here’s a still from ‘The table and the little funny men’

The table and the little funny men film still


Here’s a still from ‘The table grows’

The table grows film still


These animations were just the start and a precursor to the development of my final piece of the year at the Foundation show.


Purging wasted time…

July 5, 2010

As a mini-retrospective from the past year in Foundation, here is the result of one of my first pieces:

I had given up my job to do the Foundation course and for one of the first projects we had to experiment with paint and text and to create ‘something’ out of these experiments. I had a huge pile of timesheets from work that were just filling up space at home, so I decided to use these for the text part of the piece. I painted them in various bright colours and decided to make them into wax covered flowers. It was a fairly cathartic experience, tearing up all those sheets that represented all that time doing something that didn’t suit me. The transformation, for all its cliché, was rather apt to show the change in my situation to something beautiful. So I teamed these artificial flowers with the dried out flowers I’d been given as my leaving gift and a Bob Dylan quote:

“For them that must obey authority

That they do not respect in any degree

Who despise their jobs, their destinies

Speak jealously of them that are free

Cultivate their flowers to be

Nothing more than they invest in.” 

I know that there are a couple of versions of this quote, but, for obvious reasons, I stuck with this one.

 For anyone who has left their job for something they really want to do, then this is a nice way of saying goodbye. Leave a comment if you’ve done something similar, or alternatively get in touch if you’d like me to transform your old timesheets into something pretty!

About me

July 5, 2010

I am an artist and freelance writer in Manchester. I did my first degree in English at Exeter University and now a few years down the line I have just completed an Art and Design Foundation course with Distinction at Manchester Metropolitan University. In September I will be starting my second degree, Interactive Arts, to concentrate on developing my artistic practice. My continued career is in freelance writing for national newspapers such as The Metro and online blogs and also working in promotions for cultural events.

The Foundation course this year has been extremely rewarding; allowing me to learn about and experiment with many different techniques and develop my own particular aesthetic. I have worked with sandblasting glass, silkscreen printing, stop-motion animation, film, photography, textile experimentation, sculpture and creating art in the public domain to name but a few things. I will post more about specific work with accompanying pictures in subsequent blogs.

I am looking forward to starting the Interactive Arts degree in September 2010. I went to the degree show this year and thought that it was one of the most inspiring shows out of the whole art and design faculty. The range of media, highly skilled and researched subject matter and the finesse in which it was exhibited really impressed me.

I am interested in working in groups as well as on my own. The supportive nature of collaborations and the different perspectives that people bring to projects really appeals to me. I am also a rather gregarious person which I think makes me suited to these kinds of endeavours.

I intend to use this blog as a resource to track my progress in art and writing, and to keep any people who are interested in my work up to date with what I’m up to. I am open to suggestions for group work, exhibitions, commissions, freelance writing etc. So please leave feedback on the blog or contact me via email at